Becoming an independent Industrial Alliance Securities inc. (iAS) Investment Advisor is to share the values of a dynamic and ambitious firm that supports you with innovative services.

Adhere to values of collaboration, performance, progress, respect and Service


At iAS, you will find an infrastructure that supports your important procedures. You'll be fully prepared to focus your energy on the success of the team's goals by actively participating in the search for solutions to shared problems. We value open dialogue by respecting the opinions of others. Together, potential conflicts are resolved and together our successes are celebrated.


The success of iAS is the result of a culture where we seek to provide quality results exceeding market standards. Achieving these objectives requires energy and perseverance, but the resulting excellence and efficiency are recognized.


At iAS, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and increase efficiency. We encourage our Advisors to take charge of their own training and professional development to become a model that inspires others.

RESPECT FOR Advisors and Employees

To create an environment ensuring respectful relationships, we believe it is important to clearly articulate expectations, to seek to understand before being understood and to treat advisors and colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves.


The basis of our success is to ensure that client needs are promptly met with courtesy and efficiency. We continually strive to differentiate ourselves with our distributors by maintaining close relationships with them and offering them a service that reflects our standards of excellence.

Being part of a dynamic and ambitious team

With a support team consisting of a little more than fifty employees and about 250 independent Investment Advisors, interaction between iAS colleagues is simple and easy. You will quickly find the employee able to answer your questions directly, without intermediaries. Communication is natural and gives you the opportunity to get to know the people with whom you work.


Benefit from advanced evolutionary services


iAS provides its Investment Advisors with market tools and analysis. Independent Investment Advisors are also supported very effectively with regard to all issues concerning operations and technology.


The iAS portal is the single access point for all technology platforms developed by our information technology team. For example, the income and expenses tracking platform gives Investment Advisors online access to various detailed reports about their revenues and expense throughout different periods. Refer to the table below for details of other applications found in the portal.


Tool used by a number of external firms.

Provides access to a large inventory of bonds.

Developed in-house by eliminating intermediaries: products offered at competitive prices.

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Commission system

Direct access through iAS' portal

Complete view of gross commission revenues

Complete view of net commission revenue

Complete view of expanses

Cumulative historical data


Our competitive compensation program is very popular with our independent Investment Advisors as is our access to new issues (IPOs). In the latest Top 8 Quebec brokers published by Finance et Investissement in May 2013, iAS ranks third and one of the evaluation criteria that differentiates us, according to our Advisors is the compensation we offer. Because of the independence of our Investment Advisors, the share of commissions they receive is more than 20% higher than that of other firms in the survey.


The most appreciated benefit of our Investment Advisors: retaining their independence while strengthening their toolbox!

Your independence is an asset

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