David Chellew, B. Comm., MBA, CIM

Portfolio Manager

192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 315
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

In 1983 when I became a stock broker, I controlled access to information and to the markets.   Our technology, as charmingly antiquated as it was, was unavailable to the public unless they slogged down to their local brokerage office and watched the scrolling tape or used starquote with its alphanumeric keyboard.  We worked behind glass and if you wanted to trade you had to go to a wicket – we alone could write the ticket and submit it to the wire operator who communicated directly to the floor of the exchange.

Today’s reality is different – and while many attempt to hold on to the exclusivity of what it is to be a broker, widely available information and technology puts the power of the markets in your hands.  But the guidance that came hand in hand with tightly controlled access has all but disappeared in the great democratization of investing as it has become more commoditized and homogenized.

I believe that there is a market for advice and that not everyone wants to spend the great time and effort involved in being successful investors.  Guide and mentor both, I believe that my role is to light up the possible, shine it on the opportunity and help you see with both clarity and certainty.