Gord Hunte

Investment Advisor

1212 31st Avenue NE, Suite 204
Calgary, AB T2E 7S8

We are all confronted with the same concerns in life -

  • High taxes
  • Low returns on investments
  • Volatile markets
  • Increasing costs
  • Unplanned life events

And the questions –

  • How much is enough?
  • Can I afford to retire?
  • Am I going to run out of money?

Why stress? Get a plan.

A well-developed financial plan goes from your budget to your burial and beyond. Anything less cannot be called comprehensive. As a 20-year financial planning ‘veteran’, I have helped numerous families succeed, and I desire to build a lifelong trusted relationship with you.

We’ve identified two key steps to financial success -- having a comprehensive written financial plan and using a disciplined and structured process to portfolio modeling.

Our portfolio modeling process helps us take the emotion out of investing, respond to market conditions, and diversify and reduce risk, while producing above average returns.

Part of our process is education and coaching, so that you deepen your understanding of finances. We help you become masters of your money, not slaves to it.

Contact us for a no-cost or -obligation introductory meeting, where we’ll determine if there is a fit for us to proceed.