Jack Jung

Investment Advisor

140 Fullarton Street
London, ON N6A 5P2

With over 30 years of success in medicine and finance, Jack’s career is now focusing on taking care of people in his role as an Investment Advisor. His goals include helping to reduce stress in his clients’ lives by assisting them in achieving their financial objectives in a personalized and caring manner.
Building strong long term relationships based on trust and your investment success, are amongst his top priorities. His past experiences make him ideally suited to understanding the day to day challenges we all face, while trying to chart a course for long term financial peace of mind.
Jack’s contributions to the community includes involvement with the Children’s Health Foundation and previously a Board Member of Foundation Western and Board Member and Chair of the Investment Committee for the London Community Foundation. Jack was recently awarded Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at the Western University spring 2013 convocation.