Larry Riggin

FCSI, Senior Vice President / Investment Advisor FCSI®

140 Fullarton Street
London, ON N6A 5P2

Larry has thirty years experience as a senior Investment Advisor and focuses his time on helping investors achieve their financial goals using proven "common sense" investment strategies.
How are we different?

  • Synthesis – the art of refining a complex world, we are willing to change asset allocation if risks appear to be changing
  • Act like an institution – take a secular, macro view and focus on sectors that appear attractive
  • Tactical Asset Allocation – your asset allocation should change with market opportunities and risks
  • Asset Diversification – if returns appear extraordinary they likely are!
  • Alternative Assets – Hedge funds and private equity have a place in some accounts
  • Keep Costs Low – being fee conscious keeps more of your money invested

He is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute and a past Chairman of the London Investment Dealers Association. Larry was educated at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Alberta in Edmonton.