Saeed Ally

Investment Advisor

10 Kinsbridge Garden Circle, Suite 204
Mississauga, ON, ON L5R 3K6

“I help doctors, dentists and entrepreneurs achieve their big, scary financial goals using empirical evidence and automation so they are confident that they’ve got their finances under control.”

Saeed Ally is a science grad from McMaster University. He applies science to everything he does, even how he makes coffee in the morning. This personality trait is loved by his clients, but it annoys his wife to no end.

Mixing science with money is something that Saeed’s clients appreciate as they are mostly doctors, dentists and entrepreneurs who appreciate an evidence-based approach to managing their wealth.

Saeed has been an investment advisor since 2007 and has helped countless families figure out what to do with their money. He has extensive experience managing cash flow for clients with corporations, trusts and other complex strategies. Your accountant will love him.

He holds his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designations. Saeed is also a Portfolio Manager and has a fiduciary responsibility to his clients when they hire him as their Portfolio Manager. He has a bunch more qualifications but no one reads this far. If you did, mention it when you call!