Doug Ransom

Conseiller en placement B. Eng., CFP®

200-755 Queens Ave.
Victoria, BC V8T 1M2

The Value I Bring as an Advisor

I have the training and insight to:

  •   Understand your goals, dreams, and reasons to invest.
  •   Help create an investment strategy that can meet your needs.  
  •    Make sense of an array of investments and financial products, favoring low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), tax efficient products, and absolute return strategies.
  •  Act as a behavioral coach to keep you focused on your objectives.  This is where we will spend our time rather than picking stocks.

I will endeavor to offers the discipline, strategic planning, and continuous monitoring that will help ensure that your portfolio is positioned for success whether the market is booming or fraught with uncertainty. 

I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your goals and reasons to invest, and share you more information about my investment and advisory process.


Stop Picking Stocks

Exchange Traded Funds — A Better Way to Invest It is time to stop picking stocks, and to reduce the cost of investing in mutual funds.

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